Consumables - Genetic Analysers

Genetic Analysers

Polymers for DNA Analisers

In the past years, ABI has developed a range of separation matrices for the various genetic analysers: ABI310, 3100 AVANT, 3100, 3130, 3130XL, 3730, 3730XL, etc, each polymer customised for specific applications. Among these, the most widely used for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis is POP-7 (Performance Optimized Polymer 3500 Series).

Taken these into account, Distribio provides POP-7 for its clients at discounted prices. This polymer is an original ABI product label, but the price for the end customer is very competitive compared to the ABI price list.

Selection chart

Instrument # of capillaries Polymer loading Application Recommended Polymer
ABI3130 4 Pump Sequencing POP-7
ABI3130XL 16 Pump Genotyping POP-7
ABI3730 48 Pump Sequencing POP-7
ABI3730XL 96 Pump Genotyping POP-7

Other ABI consumables

As our objective is to offer our clients the best products at competitive prices, Distribio can provide a selection of ABI consumables, needed by the ABI instruments users. These are ABI original products, most of them in original packages, except the Big Dyes which can be provided as aliquots from larger volumes.

Please refer to the price list for a selection of consumables. For ordering, just fill in the Consumables_Order_Form.xls file and send it to us at Also don’t hesitate to use this two e-mail addresses for any inquiry regarding consumables, prices, times of delivery, etc.