Instruments - DNA Synthesizer - ABI Expedite® 8909

ABI Expedite® 8909

The ABI Expedite® 8909 Nucleic Acid Synthesis System is an economical, versatile platform that synthesizes DNA and RNA oligonucleotides as well as peptide nucleic acids (PNA) with fast cycle times and a low cost-per-base.

The 8909 system is ideal for synthesizing short primers and probes as well as sequences exceeding 100-mer in scales ranging from 50 nmol to 15 µmol. The basic Expedite 8909 system features independently controlled, simultaneous dual-column synthesis and 3.5 minute cycle times. Up to six systems can be controlled from a single Expedite workstation.

The workstation monitors synthesis status on all systems and provides single-point control for all sequence entry, data management, and reporting tasks.

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