Service - Extinction of genes

Gene Silencing Service and SiRNA Synthesis

SiRNA-Ad Service Package is a complete service of RNAi selection, validation, adenoviral construction, amplification, and purification (3x10^12 vp) at a reduced price.

SiRNA Synthesis

All oligonucleotides undergo vigorous process monitoring and stringent quality control. They are produced under ISO9000 quality standard system and HPLC purified so that the purity of SiRNA will be bigger than 97%. Products are quantified by spectrophotometer.

Oligonucleotides are delivered with an Oligonucleotide Technical Data Sheet, which includes oligo name, sequence, concentration, precise quantity in OD and nmols, Tm, MW, size, extinction coefficient and purification data. Chemical synthesis, FAM labelling, positive and negative controls are available.

Gene silencing services

Insert a validated RNAi sequence into an adenoviral vector.

Design and validation of SiRNA.

RNAi Set :Chemically synthetic siRNA became a rapid and effective method for gene knockdown. We recently promoted RNAi set service. You provide only gene (target) sequence and we help you design 4 siRNA pairs. We guarantee that at least one pair can effectively suppress gene expression.

The RNAi Sets Includes :

  • • 4 pairs of corresponding gene siRNA, HPLC purification, 10nmol
  • • Negative control, 1 pair, HPLC purification, 1 OD
  • • Negative control, FAM labelled siRNA, 1 pair, HPLC purification, 1 OD
  • • Positive control GAPDH siRNA, 1 pair, HPLC purification, 1 OD
  • • Transfection reagent RNAi-mate, 100ul

RNAi Mate transfection reagent. RNAi-Mate transfection reagents can be used in vivo and in vitro for nucleic acid including DNA, RNA, antisense oligo and siRNA and also can be used in co-transfection for DNA/siRNA. The commercially available siRNA transfection reagents cannot meet the needs for high-throughput siRNA transfection experiments. Therefore, transfection reagent Cation-liposome “RNAi-Mate” was developed, which is highly efficient compared to the market-leading reagent.

Vector based RNAi, Custom cloning. GeneCust provides a set of vectors including shRNA expression vectors, as well as corresponding negative control vector, GFP positive control vector. We may help you to construct plasmid with insertion of targeted shRNA, and will offer accurate sequence control. You only have to tell us the target gene sequence or Gene ID number and insertion vector name, and we will send you the construct. We provide highly purified shRNA expression vector.

miRNA synthesis. GeneCust miRNA are small, single stranded, chemically synthesised and optimized nucleic acids, designed to mimic endogenous mature microRNA (miRNA) molecules in cells. Inhibitors are chemically modified and optimized nucleic acids, designed to specifically target the microRNA (miRNA) molecules in cells.The clients can provide miRBase Identifier (Sanger Id) and we will synthetize it with the desired length and form.