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Notice: Chemistry Reagents by ChemGenes

Genecust can propose you a wide range of oligonucleotide synthesis reagents. All these products are ChemGenes made, strictly identical to the products you use and this with very competitive prices worldwide. GeneCust is the European retailer for the ChemGenes product range.

ChemGenes' product lines include phosphoramidites for RNA and DNA synthesis, modified bases for DNA, as well as RNA modification. In addition, a variety of modified phosphoramidites for the introduction of chromophores and ligands are produced. A large variety of Reagents for the synthesis of DNA/RNA are also available, which include many natural and modified nucleoside bases, tetrazole, 5-thioethyltetrazole, DMT-chloride, DMT protected deoxy and ribo nucleosides, 2'-O-methyl and 2'-O-propargyl nucleosides, silyl protected ribonucleosides, several types of phosphorylating reagents, and many more.

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