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Standard oligonucleotide synthesis

Synthesis Scales

GeneCust offers four different synthesis scales: 10 nmol, 40 nmol, 200 nmol and 1000 nmol. For non-labelled, standard oligos, up to 30 bases, we guarantee a minimum yield:

  • * 10 nmol scale: 4,5 nmoles
  • * 40 nmol scale: 20 nmoles
  • * 200 nmol scale: 95 nmoles
  • * 1000 nmol scale: 400 nmoles

Maximum Lenghts :

  • 10 nmol : 40 bases
  • 40 nmol : 70 bases
  • 200 nmol : 90 bases

For longer oligos, GeneCust uses a special 1000 nmol synthesis protocol.

Modified Oligonucleotides

GeneCust offers a wide variety of high quality modifications synthesized with High-Purity synthesis protocol. On the menu "Price List", you will find a list of some of the dyes we offer for oligonucleotide labelling. These can be placed either on the 5' end, the 3' end, or internally. You will also find others modifications such as phosphorylations, thiol modifications, biotin labelling or synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides, molecular beacons...

If there is a label or a modification you would like to use but you do not see here, please contact us, we may have it or we may be able to locate it for you.


The oligos are shipped dry. Under normal conditions standard oligos are shipped within one week. Shipment of larger orders, purified oligos and labeled oligos will take a few days more. Please contact us for further information about delivery times.

Shipping costs when using express mail services :

  • For Europe : 18,00 €
  • Rest of the world : 65,00 €

Quotations and Ordering

For quotations, please contact us at However, you may also contact us by phone (+352 27620411) or fax (+352 27620412).

To order, please download and complete our Order Form and email it to