Laboratory instruments
supply and service


DISTRIBIO is a specialist in the field of Genetic instrumentation. we sell laboratory instruments, service them and even supply consumables and reagents needed by these instruments.

We have 20 years experience in Genetic Anlayzers, RT-PCR systems, thermocyclers and DNA synthesizers. We go worldwide offering repairing, installation, start-up and training.

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our prices

Please ask for our price list to have the last updated prices as it could vary often.

Our different services

We try to offer a full service to our customers: instruments, repairing, consumables and reagents and training.


Genetic Analyzers - CE and NGS -, RT-PCR systems, Thermocyclers, DNA synthesizers


We maintain and repair all instruments in Europe and even worldwide. Different maintenance contracts available: spot repairing, preventive and full coverage.


We sell all ABI/Thermofisher spare parts. For instruments we sell but also for others.


All consumables for ABI/thermofisher instruments and also Chemgenes DNA synthesis Chemicals.