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Maintenance Contract

Distribio offers you contracts tailored after your needs.

The most common form of contract is the “full coverage” which includes the spare parts, travel to the place where the instrument is located and the labour, without limits and with a maximum delay of 8 working days from the request. We have contract type as a basis to discuss another contractual terms that would fit your requests.

The second most fashioned contract is the "preventive visit" contract. This one includes a visit for checking the instrument and a report to forecast some repairing or maintenance to be carried out later. Included is also the possibility to have repairing maintenance with specific conditions.

At last, the "spot repairing", which means that a customer has some trouble and asks us to come for repairing. In that case we can come according to our agenda and it may be not as quick as a full coverage contract. ALso th eefficincy will depend on the explanations given by the customer. At the end we will invoice the travel expenses, spare parts and manpower at our costs.

Contact us for a quote and please describe in detail the problem you have on


Spare parts

Distribio has now a huge stock of spare parts and has the right sourcing to offer a wide range of spare parts for all the instruments described on the web site.

Send us an email with your needs and we will be happy to give you a quote and delivery time for your parts.