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Maintenance Contract

Distribio offers you contracts adapted to your needs.

Complete coverage: Includes spare parts, travel and expertise of a member of our company, with a maximum delay of 8 working days from the request. A standard contract defined as a basis will allow us to discuss other contractual conditions that meet your expectations.

Preventive visit: Includes a verification visit of the instrument and a forecast report of repairs or maintenance to be carried out at a later date. The possibility of having maintenance performed under specific conditions is also included.

Punctual repair: A problem with an instrument or an interface? In this case, we can come according to our agenda, however this will not be as fast as a full-coverage contract. Moreover, the efficiency will depend on the explanations given by the customer. Travel costs, spare parts and labour will be included in the invoice.

Contact us for a quote and please describe in detail the problem you have on


Spare parts

Distribio has now a huge stock of spare parts and has the right sourcing to offer a wide range of spare parts for all the instruments described on the web site.

Send us an email with your needs and we will be happy to give you a quote and delivery time for your parts.