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Spare parts

Over the years, we have developed a whole range of spare parts for the instruments we sell and service, and even for a wide range of instruments we don't sell!

To name some of the best selling parts:

  • Lasers for Genetic Analyzers and RT PCR
  • Pumps for polymer in Genetic Analyzers
  • Laser power supplies
  • CCD cameras for Genetic Analyzers
  • Specific electronic cards
  • heating/cooling blocks for PCR and RT-PCR systems
  • Etc.

The part is always available "refurbished" or new. The refurbished one is an old part which has been cleaned and repaired, fully renewed. In this case we usually ask for an exchange, this means that you give us the broken part in exchange for the new one, this broken part can then be repaired as well. Refurbished parts are usually half the price of new ones.

The warranty is 1 year on both refurbished and new parts.

Don't hesitate to ask for availability, we have many sourcing!