DNA synthesizer

We supply CHEMGENES DNA synthesis reagents and chemicals


Distribio proposes ChemGenes’ Product lines since 1995.

ChemGenes’ product lines include phosphoramidites for DNA and RNA synthesis, Antisense phosphoramidites, modified bases for DNA, as well as RNA modification. In addition, we produce a variety of modified phosphoramidites for the introduction of chromophores and ligands. The availability of prepacked disposable columns of various pore sizes, loadings, low volume columns, ancillary reagents in configurations suitable for each synthesizer, and DNA purification cartridges is another way for ChemGenes to meet the customers’ needs.

ChemGenes has a strong, dedicated, and talented team of professionals engaged in the manufacturing of many natural and modified nucleoside bases.

Included in these natural and modified bases are DMT protected deoxy and ribonucleosides, 2’-O-methyl and 2’-O-propargylnucleosides, and silyl protected ribonucleosides.

A large variety of reagents for the synthesis of DNA and RNA are also available. These include 5-thioethyltetrazole, DMT-chloride, MMT-chloride, and several types of phosphorylating reagents such as cyanoethyl chloro phosphitytlating, cyanoethyl tetra isopropyl phosphitylating reagent, cyanoethyl dichloro phosphitylating reagent, and 5’, 3’-bis silylating reagent.

We can also make custom chemicals according to your needs, please do not hesitate to submit specific formulas.