The Expedite Synthesizer was created early in the 90s, but was improved and can run now under Windows 7 or 10 thanks to a specific software “Validate XP”. The disquette reader was changed for a USB stick reader. All the parts needed for maintenance can be found, for some you can even choose between old model or new model, like the solenoids. This instrument is still up to date and efficient for development or specific oligonucleotides.
The ABI Expedite® 8909 Nucleic Acid Synthesis System is an economical, versatile platform that synthesizes DNA and RNA oligonucleotides as well as peptide nucleic acids (PNA) with fast cycle times and a low cost-per-base.
The 8909 system is ideal for synthesizing short primers and probes as well as sequences exceeding 100-mer in scales ranging from 50 nmol to 15 µmol. The basic Expedite 8909 system features independently controlled, simultaneous dual-column synthesis and 3.5 minute cycle times. Up to six systems can be controlled from a single Expedite workstation.
The workstation monitors synthesis status on all systems and provides single-point control for all sequence entry, data management, and reporting tasks.
DISTRIBIO sells fully reconditioned instruments, with one year warranty, computer, screen, mouse, keyboard, software. We ship to your laboratory, install the instrument and start it up with you. Instrument is delivered with a great number of protocoles that can be easily modified.