Genetic analyzers

Reagents and consumables are available for Genetic Analyzers. We sell for CE sequencers but also NGS, for RT-PCR, and all the range of products we sell.



We supply all reagents and consumables that you may need.
In the past years, a range of separation matrices has been developed for the various genetic analysers: ABI310, 3100 AVANT, 3100, 3130, 3130XL, 3730, 3730XL, 3500, 3500XL, etc, each polymer customised for specific applications. Among these, the most widely used for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis is QuantumPOP-7. Taken these into account, Distribio provides QuantunPOP-7 for its clients at discounted prices.
QuantumDye Cycle Sequencing kit v3.1 is also at very competitive prices.
Distribio can provide a selection of consumables, needed by the instruments users.
For ordering, just send it to us at Also don’t hesitate to use this e-mail address for any inquiry regarding consumables, prices, times of delivery, etc.