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S-4-LC / S-8-LC

Smallest DNA/RNA/LNA Synthesizer in the world. First presentation at Analytica China, Shanghai Sept. 15th, 2010. 4 – 8 columns up to 10 amidite positions 6 reagent positions Universal or standard CPG Variable synthesis scale up to 10 µmol Free programmable synthesis control New synthesis star...
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ABI 3900

Description : The ABI 3900 Oligo Synthesizer has become very popular for synthesis of standard and special oligos. ABI has not supported this product for several years even though there are many instruments in service to this day. The ABI 3900 instrument and software have remained fundamentally unch...
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The Expedite Synthesizer was created early in the 90s, but was improved and can run now under Windows 7 or 10 thanks to a specific software “Validate XP”. The disquette reader was changed for a USB stick reader. All the parts needed for maintenance can be found, for some you can even cho...
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