K&A H-2

The Highest Throughput Closed Column Synthesizer


Created for the consumer working in greater volumes, the H-32 preserves all of the best features of its predecessors while meeting the demands of a high-production facility.


Trityl monitoring is still available for each individual column, along with manual amidite coupling, degenerate and mixed backbone capability. The instrument contains 5 amidite positions and 6 reagent positions for any bottle size that fits the consumer’s needs.


The H-32 offers flexible software for manipulating each step in the synthesis process. The user retains control of each individual position throughout the process, allowing for versatility in coupling and end synthesis.


As always, the K&A line is backed by a year long warranty guaranteeing 99% coupling efficiency.


Cost-effective performance

    • ⇒ 32 column positions
    • ⇒ 5 amidite positions for 1, 2, or 10 gram bottles
    • ⇒ 6 reagent positions
    • ⇒ Universal or standard CPG
    • ⇒ Variable synthesis scale up to 10 µmol
    • ⇒ Online trityl monitor for all columns (all trityl collected)
    • ⇒ Fully programmable synthesis control
    • ⇒ Synthesis columns are fully independent of each other
    • ⇒ Degenerates
    • ⇒ Mixed backbone structure
    • ⇒ Automated antisense oligo synthesis
    • ⇒ Cycle time 7 – 8 minutes for 32 column synthesis
    • ⇒ Low reagent consumption
    • ⇒ Very compact design – dimensions (WxHxD): 35 x 65 x 45 cm