K&A H-2

Premium Oligo Synthesizer


K&A H-8 DNA RNA LNA Synthesizer


Developed by K&A Laboratories, the H-8 is milestone of closed-column oligo production. Efficiency and elegance are the hallmarks of this robust machine. It is designed with the highest purity, long oligo in mind.


This DNA/RNA/LNA Synthesizer contains 8 column, 12 amidite, and 6 reagent positions. Custom modifications are available to the consumer with specific needs.


Users of the machine will also find useful the self-contained trityl monitor for all columns, allowing for constant reads for coupling efficiency and yield—both step to step and overall.


The onboard software is user-friendly and customizable. Protocols for varying scales are included, as well as the option to lengthen or diminish reaction and dispense times is available.


As always, the K&A line is backed by a year long warranty guaranteeing 99% coupling efficiency.


A great addition to any synthesis laboratory, K&A’s H-8 will not disappoint.


Cost-effective performance


  • ⇒  A perfect upgrade from ABI 392, 394, and Expedite models
  • ⇒  Accepts universal or standard columns
  • ⇒  Capable of synthesizing variable scales up to 10 µmol
  • ⇒  Online trityl monitor for all columns
  • ⇒  Fully programmable synthesis control included
  • ⇒  Synthesis columns are fully independent of each other
  • ⇒  Degenerates
  • ⇒  Mixed backbone structure
  • ⇒  Automated antisense oligo synthesis
  • ⇒  Cycle time 3 – 3 ½ minutes for a full 8 column synthesis
  • ⇒  Low reagent consumption – approx. 20uL per coupling
  • ⇒  Very compact design – dimensions (WxHxD): 25 x 40 x 40 cm